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Moving Checklist Things

We recommend that you start planning your move at least four weeks in advance to avoid any last-minute problems. This will provide you with plenty of time to complete your move in the most convenient way. Here is the list of things that you should check when you are planning your move.

4 weeks prior to the moving date

  1. Create a diary to keep track of all your estimates, receipts, and other information.
  2. Research and shortlist a good moving company that meets your requirements.
  3. Make a list of your household items and start removing waste.
  4. Separate out the items which you can sell or donate to charity.
  5. Get your health checked up and find good doctors in your new locality.
  6. Notify your friends, business partners, relatives, children’s school etc. about your move.
  7. Notify your subscriptions, banks, bills etc. about your address change.
  8. File a change of address request in UK Postal Services.

3 weeks prior to the moving date

  1. Order packing supplies, boxes, tapes etc. and schedule delivery.
  2. Sketch out a floor plan for your new home.
  3. Check with your insurance policy to see what is covered in regard to moving.
  4. Decide the items which you will be packing yourself.
  5. Make arrangements for your plants and pets.
  6. Schedule the disconnection and the connection of your utility services like Cable, Internet, Telephone, Water etc.
  7. Secure your important documents, birth certificates, passports, financial documents, legal documents etc.

2 weeks prior to the moving date

  1. Make plans to have your gas tank half full.
  2. Service your car if you will be driving a long distance.
  3. Be sure that you have an ample supply of need medications.
  4. Return any borrowed items like books, DVDs etc.
  5. Discontinue the services like trash pickup, newspaper delivery etc.
  6. Schedule the sell-off of items that you won’t be carrying with you.
  7. If you are shipping a car, remove the fluids like oil and antifreeze.

1 week prior to the moving date

  1. Prepare your method of payment for the end of your move.
  2. Pack the suitcase with clothing and personal items.
  3. Make a bag of necessary items like wallet, phone, phone chargers, laptops, towels, water, first aid kit, toilet paper, list of contacts etc.
  4. Make child care and pet care arrangements for the moving day.
  5. Drain out fuel from gas-powered equipment.

1 day prior to the moving date

  1. Make sure that utilities are connected in your new home, if possible.
  2. Defrost and clean your refrigerator and keep the doors open.
  3. Make arrangements for disposing of any remaining trash.
  4. Take out the cash to cover your travel expenses.
  5. Check every room to ensure that everything is ready.
  6. Pack a box of items that you will need as soon as you reach your new home.

Moving date

  1. Ensure that you are at your home when the movers arrive.
  2. Take a close look at your house and ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  3. Lock all the doors and windows.
  4. Ensure that you turn off all switches.
  5. Make sure that your phone number and new address are correct with the packing company.
  6. Leave a note with your new contact information so that new residents in your old house can forward anything that you left behind.

Delivery date

  1. Make sure somebody is at your new home to receive the delivery of your items.
  2. Get things unloaded and kept in the right places.
  3. Schedule a date to pick up the empty boxes when you have unpacked everything.
  4. Pay all the dues to the driver.

Your Moving Checklist

  • Boxes, Tape & Bubble Wrap
  • Safety Gloves & Safety Boots

  • Protective Eyewear

  • Roadmap A to Z

  • Parking Permits For New Home

  • Set Alarm

  • Empty Old Trash Cans

  • Update Licenses & Documentation

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