1) IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to cancel jobs accepted without a prior check of our availability.

2) If you have extra items, the price might slightly increase. (1-5 boxes is not a problem) (Unless a survey has been made in advance).

3) If there are narrow/long hallways/corridors/stairs or corners that create difficulties and slows our movers’ work, an extra charge may occur. (Unless a survey has been made in advance).

4) All the arrangements regarding the parking space must be made by the customer (including any parking fees or permits). If the distance from the doorway to the parking is further than 20-25m the price will be renegotiated.

5) For any delays caused by your side we charge £60 per hour, the 1st hour is free of charge. We’re sure it’s not your case.

6) Dismantling/reassembling services are not included in the price unless it was priorly agreed.

7) Packing/Unpacking Service – not included in the price, unless it was priorly agreed.

Prices for (packing/unpacking services) provided on the day of your move:
– £3 / box (without packing/unpacking)
– £7 / box(small and medium) only for packing
– £11 / box(small and medium) packing and unpacking
– £13 / wardrobe box (packing included)
– £25 / roll of bubble
– £5 / roll of shrink wrap
– £1 / tape
– £15 – paper
(it will cost more if the boxes are being sent in advance)

( An extra charge for fuel and time may be added if the customer asks for packing service on the day and we need to go back to our depot to collect the packing materials)

8) We reserve the right to charge between 50-100% of the price to be paid if the job is cancelled/delayed at short notice (less than 7 days).

9) If a time slot wasn’t booked then we reserve the right to choose one.

10) On small jobs or furniture deliveries, we might take other jobs on board, unless you have paid for an exclusive van.

11) All damages must be advised on delivery or maximum within 48h, otherwise, insurers will not accept a claim, neither Removals of Berkshire.

12) We reserve the right to subcontract some of our jobs to our trusted/verified partners in London or other cities where we don’t have coverage or when we’re fully booked. All partners are being verified and have the necessary experience and insurance on board.

13) If you don’t have the keys to your new property and you’re not happy in paying for any delays, you have the right to ask us to unload the goods into your garage or somewhere nearby. In that case, we’re not obliged to then carry the goods to your house after getting the keys unless an extra charge is negotiated.

14) The final payment must be made on the day of the job being carried or maximum 48h after the job has been fulfilled (with a prior agreement). Failing that will involve a 4% fee for each day of delay.

15) PODs and POPs are issued after the job is done. If an invoice is required then the customer must advise the office about his request.

16) All prices on all our offers are VAT exclusive. VAT will be added when the total amount is calculated and the invoice is being issued.

17) All extra charges like Tolls, Congestion Zone, Parking, Crossing Charges and etc will be invoiced to the customer.